Research Area

1- GPU Architecture

Alumni: Mohammad Sadrossadati(PhD), Negin Mahani(PhD), Saba Mostofi(MSc), Rahil Barati(MSc), Marziyeh Barkhordar(MSc),
Maedeh Rostamnezhad(MSc), Saeideh Baneshi(MSc)

Current Students: Atiyeh Gheibi-Fetrat(MSc), Ahmad Javadi-Nezhad(MSc), Ali Mohammadpur Fard(MSc),
Masoud Mohammadi Lak(MSc), Tayebeh Younesi(MSc), Amir Mohammad Biuki(MSc), Zahra Mirzaei(MSc)

2- Machine Learning

Alumni: Ehsan Aghapoor(MSc), Faraz Tahmasebi(MSc), Fardin Dadashi(MSc)

Current Students: Seyed Saman Mohseni Sangtabi(MSc)

3- Memory System

Alumni: Sina Darabi(PhD), Seyed Mahdi Ebrahimi(MSc), Fateme Golshan(MSc), Ali Ansari(MSc)

4- Non-Volatile Memory

Current Students: Negar Akbarzadeh(PhD), Armin Ahmadzadeh(PhD)

5- Storage Systems

Alumni: Arghavan Mohammadhassani(MSc), Elmira Pishyar(MSc)

Current Student: Maedeh Safari(PhD)

6- NoC

Current Student: Atiyeh Gheibi-Fetrat(MSc)

Open-Source Projects, Tools, Software:

1- Non-Volatile Memory

Source code for ICD paper, ACM TODAES 2019 [ Git Repo ] [ Main Paper ]
  ICD is a novel cache management policy that seeks to reduce costly writebacks in the context of non-volatile memory technologies.

Source code for Bingo paper, HPCA 2019 [ Git Repo ] [ Main Paper ]
  Bingo is a novel data prefetching approach that exploits the spatial correlation of access patterns to predict and prefetch future cache misses of applications.

Source code for LTRF paper, ASPLOS 2018 [Git Repo] [ Main Paper ]
  LTRF is a novel architecture for the register file of GPUs that seeks to use a two-level structure, providing both low-latency and low-power consumption.

XMulator: A listener-Based Integrated Simulation Platform for Interconnection Networks, AMS 2007 [XMulator]
  Xmulator is a listener-based simulation framework for interconnection networks, sensor networks, queuing networks in C#.

An open-source Verilog implementation for Netowork-on-Chip (NoC) [Git Repo]
  This project provides an open-source Verilog implementation for Network-on-Chip (NoC), enabling experimental studies.

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